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Photos of the week

Photos of the week

Heavenly sandy beach, bright faces and the beauty of nature – Here you can find the most beautiful pictures of the week of Bora Bora photographer Edouard Ott. These Bora Bora Photos reveal the true beauty of French Polynesia. Whether it’s a wedding at Bora Bora, Moorea or photos of that incredible landscape, have a look at what French Polynesia has to offer.

Wedding French Polynesia

Wedding French Polynesia

Are you getting married on Bora Bora, Tahiti or Moorea or are you planning your honeymoon on Bora Bora and want to capture this in great Bora Bora photos? I have found my passion on Bora Bora as a wedding photographer and am looking forward to every wedding. My top priority is to catch your very special moments, like it should be.

The Destination

The Destination

The Bora Bora Islands located in the South Pacific have everything that makes your heart beat faster. White sand beaches, turquoise blue sea and a stunning tropical landscape full of untouched nature will make your Bora Bora wedding unforgettable. Explore these incredible Islands and make memories for a lifetime.

Edouard Ott


After Being a professional photographer for the international press for the past 13 years around the world, I fell in love on this beautiful Bora Bora Island. I would be pleased to offer my skills and great equipment to photograph your best experiences during you’re stay on Bora Bora. Every wedding is completely unique, so we provide a tailored service to meet your exact requirements. Our personal service offers you a stunning visual record of your day, with a mixture of natural candid style, formal and contemporary Bora Bora pictures.



Be inspired and fascinated by the beauty of Bora Bora, Tahiti or Moorea. You would like to have a special moment like your wedding, your honeymoon or your holiday and capture it in fantastic pictures in front of a fascinating backdrop forever? I know the most beautiful places in French Polynesia and am happy to show them to you. Let yourself be inspired.

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  • Christina Hardy
    "Good morning, We can't thank you enough for the Bora Bora resort and wedding photos! We can't stop looking at them! The Bora Bora wedding was a great time and thank you we can remember our Bora Bora wedding every moment. We wish you a good time in Bora Bora!"
  • Jane Bennett
    "Hello Eduard, You did an amazing job in catching our Bora Bora wedding and honeymoon moments. I'm glad to have such wonderful pictures from our Bora Bora honeymoon. You are the best wedding photographer I know. Thanks for this amazing photos!"
  • Jessica Lee
    "Dear Eduard, Thank you very much for such wonderful Bora Bora pictures. This wonderful Bora Bora photos remind me of my wedding. You are a wonderful Bora Bora wedding photographer and I am looking forward to showing everyone your pictures. Thanks lot und best wishes."

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